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Year-round complete lawn and landscape maintenance - Whatever the season there are needs for your lawn and landscaping. We are available to assist with a complete schedule or we can take requests as they come up.

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Professional Mowing

This service includes weed eating and blowing off - We use state of the art equipment to leave your lawn manicured and trimmed. Call us if you want your house to look the best on your block and be the envy of your neighbors. We have weekly schedules as well as week and a half, and every two weeks. Put your mowing on auto-pilot and let us do the rest.


Brown, Black, Hardwood, Pine Bark. You name it. We offer full service mulching that is customizable to your preferences and your yard. We partner with Mulch n More on Starkey Rd for the highest quality mulch in the area. Nothing makes a house stand out like a fresh coat of mulch.

Trimming Bushes

Equipment and Training make the difference when it comes to trimming your hedges. We have 22" handheld gas powered trimmers as well as the extension articulating trimmers that can reach 8-10 ft away from the user. Knowing how to prune your bushes to leave them healthy and beautiful separates us from our competition.

Small Tree Work

What size is small? It's probably bigger than you think. We do tree work by request and would be happy to look at your job and give you a quote.

Aerating and Over Seeding

Spring and Fall aeration help our customers lawns grow healthy and full. We fill in the dead spots in your yard with our attention to detail and focus on results.


5 times a year with a different focus for every season. Spring fertilizer application to encourage growth. Late Spring/Early Summer to feed lawns as well as control weeds and bugs, Late Summer early Fall to for growth and weed control, Late Fall to strengthen roots for Winter. Also a once a year Lime treatment to help your soil achieve the perfect pH balance.

Snow Removal

It all depends on the size of your lot and/or driveway.  We can put you on our permanent list for cleanup and pre-treatment or you can call when you want it.

Cleaning Gutters

Service and pricing by request.

Leaf Clean Up

Everything from full service leaf removal to curbside leaf pick up.  No job too big or too small. Some customers prefer to clean them up once they are all down and some prefer a weekly maintenance type cleanup schedule.

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